Friday, October 22, 2010

Why Young Adults Are Leaving the Faith

Why Young Adults Are Leaving the Faith

Powerful article... why do many young Christians leave the faith? Because we have given them a superficial Christianity - Christ without the cross. Discipleship without the cost. This is a "low-salt" christianity that is bland and not challenging nor exciting to anyone - not fit for real men to taste. A McHappy Christianity. Not substantial. We define Christianity in our own convenient / traditional terms, instead of aiming for the standards set up in the book of Acts. We de-radicalise Christ's radical calling. No wonder people are not excited to join today's church!

And yet, many people are still hungry for the Bread of Life, despite having left the bakery.

Really thank God my church's been embarking on the basics again - a call to discipleship.

Which is so essential. I read the book of Acts and see how they turned the world upside down.

Because they were taught the Word of God well, and they also lived it out.

We don't need sophisticated techniques, lingo, programmes or worship styles, etc. What we need is whole-hearted commitment to obeying Christ's total Lordship in EVERY single area of our lives. To make it a point to learn everything He has commanded us, and obeying Him.

If not, we make out following Christ to be a boring Sunday religion that is irrelevant to the cries of a world in pain. Which unfortunately seems so much the case. Which is SO DAMN SAD, BECAUSE FROM WHAT I'VE READ ABOUT JESUS AND HIS CHURCH IN THE BIBLE, TO BE A CHRISTIAN IS REALLY EXCITING!


Yup. I'm not contented to have an easy, comfortable Christianity. I want to follow Christ to the ends of the earth, no matter how painful, how sad, how difficult. He who wants to save his life will lose it, but he who loses his life for Christ's sake and for the gospel will find it.

So I am not contented to just stay in Singapore and have a nice flat and a stable job. I'd like to. But I know that what I give up now will result in rewards in heaven that I cannot lose.

Can't see the point of making myself happy and taking life easy when God knows how many kids are dying out there. Really hope and pray that you, dear bro/sister, will be shaken up too, just as I have been, when you see how badly damaged this world is, and how much God so loved the world.

=) You too can make a difference TODAY, as long as you learn to listen to the Holy Spirit to see what He wants you to do. Don't settle for low and easy ambitions... dream big for God and then go and do it with His help!

Yup... tomorrow serving the special kids. Yay! Excited. Hope this will be a stepping stone to future possibilities.

Life's so exciting. On a roll! :)

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