Monday, February 8, 2010

Peter Truong's prayer+prophecy session with HopeKids Core Team (16 Nov 2008)

(I'm writing this down as a reminder to myself of God's promises and faithfulness. Thanks Jon for encouraging me during our last shepherding session from the book of Joshua that not one of the Lord's promises has failed. I'm really am encouraged to see how God is using you to use the Bible to encourage me! =D keep growing in the Word and in prayer, dear sheep... I believe you've great potential to be a great teacher of the Word next time... if you keep reading and putting in the effort to study God's Word faithfully. May God use you even more wonderfully in years to come!)

Peter Truoung’s session with Hopekids Core Team
Date: 16 Nov 2008
Time: 2pm
Venue: Asia Room, Nexus

Word for Yu Ann:

From Peter Truong:

  • God will use you as a man after God’s heart
  • You are a man who desires to please God
  • Continue to serve Him – you will have big impact
  • Avail yourself
  • God has more in store for you as you are faithful in the small things
  • Do not despise the small beginnings
  • God will train and equip you. Keep close to God

From Hong Teck:
  • Continue to look to him.
  • God has a great purpose for you.
  • Do not look at your shortfalls, your handicaps – look for God’s purpose
  • Your story will be an encouragement to many
  • What you have is good – continue to persevere and hold on to it.
  • You will be like a small seed which grows into a big tree
  • Don’t depend on yourself
  • Take one step forward each day

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