Sunday, October 3, 2010

How Today's Children's Day Service Went

Flow of the Spirit. Experienced Him working within me and through me to bless and help involve the litlle ones. And when the service had ended, we rejoiced over the large no. of new kid visitors who had joined us for the first time! And the kids said they enjoyed the acting the most :)

I feel so alive when I'm doing creative ministry productions :) thank God so much.

It felt as though we had successfully fought a great battle, and in a way who knows? Perhaps, by God's power, we did.

But more important than the drama - for frankly, it was not perfectly carried out and we fumbled from the very start (just like how plans tend to go awry from the moment a battle begins), we experienced God's grace in and through our humble efforts.

And for me, the sweetest moment was when we prayed together as a team and asked the Lord to fill us with His Holy Spirit, and He did. I trusted Him to guide me and empower me to minister to the little ones, and He did. It's such a joy, especially after all the stresses of planning and preparing, to be empowered by His Spirit on the very day of 'battle'.

Thank God for His guiding me to sit right in between two certain kids. One of them was crying for some reason. Thing is, he wasn't wailing, just sobbing. Tough little boy, who didn't want to be seen crying in public, and usually doesn't get emotional, so he turned to me and buried his face in the knee of my pants. Prayed a very small and silent prayer for God to comfort him. Asked him a couple of times what's wrong, but he didn't reply. But eventually he finished his course of crying. Thk God for His placing me there to be there for him.

There was also a little girl on my right. Well, she wasn't crying, just okay but quiet. But heartwarming when she leans against you. It's a sign that she trusts me as a teacher. :)

And also felt a whole lot more peaceful and able to focus on my lighting duties in the drama, after praying. :) the peace of God that transcends all understanding. Thank God so much for Jon's prayer for me and helpfulness in doing e sound effects and lighting. Really very blessed to have him helping out in HopeKids!!! :)

So I think the sweetest thing for me is not even the taste of success tks to God or many visitors or tt they enjoyed themselves... but that we experienced God working in us and through us and for us. That we experienced God and His mighty power. As Wan Yueh laughed and said in the debriefing: "Must really thank God. It was a good mess. A mess, but a GOOD mess."

Amen! :)

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