Monday, October 11, 2010

'Bam-Bam' Faith - What I'm Learning From Matthew 7 & 8

I guess I shared strongly from my heart about the need to ask God desperately in prayer. However, I find that I often struggle with doubts and tiredness. Frankly I need at least one hour to settle my soul down before I am able to engage in deep intercessory prayer. But most of the time I'm distracted. Still, I feel very relieved when I read how Jesus never turned away anyone who needed His help. Not even a Roman centurion or a leper or a pagan woman...

Reading the miracles of Jesus reminded me of God's sheer goodness. So I learnt from the blind beggars to keep 'spamming' Jesus until He responds. Shout if needed. He actually honors that kind of faith!

Thus after reading about how people begged Jesus, I've been in the past few days also 'spamming'/begging God with a particular request of my heart. Just keep asking. And I actually find that I stop despairing and find my hope and faith increasing every time I bam on the doors of heaven. I am afraid to be disappointed by God again, but I channel all those fears into an even harder bamming of the doors.

And I find God's peace filling me every time I knock. Somehow I know that He hears... whatever the outcome, I trust Him. But in the meantime... just keep on knocking on the door. The Master honors desperate 'bam-bam' faith... perhaps because He knows it's genuine. :)

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