Milestones for Creative Team:

2010: Establishment
Establish drama ministry
Burst into two teams in second half of 2010.
Missions: Form a Hopekids missions team to perform shows for children in Cambodia in December. (For Christmas too?)

2011: Multiplication
- Hold drama management, scripting, directing and acting workshops (especially for children's skits) for next Ripple Conference
- Research and develop musicals?
- Missions: Lead a Hopekids missions team to learn from the local churches how they do local children's ministry, and also share with them what we learn (if it's suitable). One for Easter, and one for Christmas.

Perform on the stage... even Esplanade... who knows, maybe busking? Orchard Road... not religious nature of course, but share inspiring dramas to entertain and bless

Join a children's drama production company?