Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Joy of Like-hearted Friends =)

Met up with Yufen earlier today. We had a great catchup, albeit a rather short one. =) Thank God for this dear sister who never fails to encourage me with her constant sharing about what she sees God doing in her life! She really is one of the most refreshing and encouraging friends whom God has blessed me with - every time when I meet up with her, her delighted sharing about God's goodness re-energises me a lot. =)

And Edmund (from NUS ministry) is another bro whose heart also leaves my heart more energized after I meet up with him. He also shares about God's goodness and the excitement as well.

(Of course, not saying that my other dear friends leave me feeling drained. No lah! But it's something that I noticed, that when we share about God's goodness in our lives, that both our hearts get SUPERnaturally recharged and we feel even happier and delighted than when we first started talking, even though we may have talked deep into the middle of the night.)

It's such a joy and delight, because we have actually experienced the reality of our Master's words: "For where two or three gather in My name, there I am with them." Yes, the I AM presence of Jesus is with us when we gather in His name!

Which makes me think. Where do our friendships ultimately draw their energies from? From common topics? From shared jokes? From a common cause and ideal - including ministry - even? None of these are bad - these are all natural factors that help bond humans together.

But when our common joy come from sharing the goodness of the Bread of Life himself with one another, WHOA! It's like bringing two sub-critical masses of uranium together to form a critical mass... and the result is an unimaginable explosion far beyond what normal chemistry can do. A greater set of laws far supersede the usual laws of chemistry. In that very time and place, God's kingdom and will are being accomplished on earth as it is in heaven when two or three gather in His name.

So it is with the supernatural unity brought by the Prince of Peace. A greater power supersedes the power of natural human chemistry. The power of the risen Christ, Who has broken down every dividing wall of hostility, Who is our Peace.

So really want encourage you to share with one another about how God has been good to you. If He is your first love, you will naturally want to find like-hearted and minded friends who share your first love. Not people who share the same interests, or make you laugh, or even people whom you feel you can 'click' with and feel comfortable... but people who are one in heart and mind with you.

Yup... so what are your CLOSEST friendships based on, ultimately?

Hee. Think ultimately, what you really treasure in your heart is revealed by the choices of decisions and relationships that you keep on making.

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