Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Element

I'm reading this book "The Element" by Sir Ken Robinson. My boss had lent it to me about a month or so ago. It's a great great book on how finding your passion changes everything. :)

Anyway, I was inspired enough to start visualizing. Vision mah. So I envision that one day, God will help me write a long list of stories for children that will be really cherished by children all over the world. Stories to touch the heart of the little ones and sow seeds in their hearts. Stories that will also sell. (Hey I might as well dream of getting enough food to eat, while I'm at it, right? ;))

And also envision a creativity ministry for churches. Storytelling and drama of course... but more impt, the creativity ministry would be to help every child who passes through our church discover his/her God-given passions and talents. God knows how much we need talent spotters and mentors to help our kids find and max out their talents for Christ. Even in tertiary/adults ministry, there are still so many people who have no idea what their God-given talents are, and the church and the world suffer for want of these hidden/buried talents.

And also as a ministry to support and disciple uniquely creative people. I know from my own personal experience and a few others' experiences that some of us who are uniquely gifted in certain areas have unique personalities that accompany these talents. However, our church structures are often unable to accommodate these unique children of God, and sometimes people actually label them as weird / anti-social, which cause the unique bro/sis to feel rejected and left out.

One bro who's v musically talented told me that he really wants to be part of a church, but it seems that the three churches that he joined weren't very accepting of him and his uniqueness. So now he feels scared of God and the church. Which is very sad because he wrote some very beautiful worship songs for Jesus.

I know this is anecdotal, but yeah, I've seen a few sensitive souls feel rejected by the church simply because they couldn't fit into the culture there, and/or the discipleship methods that we used were not appropriate for their personalities. Sad, right?

Hee. I write this down to share with you how my dreams have been evolving. But the important thing is that God is the one who guides your dreams... He who called me will provide for me. Let us not fall into the trap of being 'practical' in the sense that we dream only according to our own strengths and our own resources. Then no one can clearly see that God is with you guys.

But let us have the courage to seek God for His dreams... and if He gives us dreams that are totally impossible by human understanding, have the faith. Let us dare to trust God with dreams so big that without God, they will utterly fail. :) Amen and praise the Lord!

"He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together."

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