Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Joy of Like-hearted Friends, II

Just a refinement of my previous post.

I'm not talking about even common ministry as the basis for a godly and exciting Christian friendship. I know a dear brother who keeps talking about ministry. But to be frank, I don't sense a deep passion from him when it comes to sharing about the things of God, about his walk with God especially. He doesn't seem to be exuding a _freshness_ that come from even simply having tasted the goodness and mercy of God in his daily life, or even the forgiveness that comes from confessing his brokenness and sinfulness.

(To be very frank, I think this is the staleness of an untransformed "McHappy" Christian who has stopped experiencing God - or even the hunger for Him... doesn't he/she remind you of that McHappy meal that got left out in the open for six month (and still hasn't changed its appearance!).)

But it's not about befriending spiritual victors only too, who continually walk in victory and have faith, hope and love as their middle names. Some of the friends I feel closest too are those who share very real struggles about their brokenness, and how they have to keep struggling to walk right with God in the midst of their struggles and downness. Sometimes they may break down in tears, sometimes they may feel fearful. They may feel insecure a lot, sometimes feel rejected even by "spiritual" people and so on. Sometimes they have inner frailities and illnesses that only a very few people and God can see.

These people have the sweet aroma of tender brokenness - like freshly-baked bread that is broken. They know their brokenness, and gladly confess it. They don't sit there though - they fight their very best, like the widow with two cents. They crawl, cry and weep. They plead and pray. They are real and authentic - these ragged, torn and bloody infantry faithfully holding their ground to their last drops of tears.

And I strongly believe God really is close to such people like these. He wipes away every tear from their eyes. "The LORD is close to the broken-hearted and save those who are crushed in spirit." If your eyes tear when you read this verse, then congratulations! Blessed are you who are poor in spirit. :)

Yup... so I guess ultimately, it all boils down simply to being hungry for, asking and receiving, and sharing God's goodness in your daily lives to those around you. =)

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