Dreams For God (Resolutions)


  • Write 2 children's stories for e-book
  • Release the iOS game I wrote...
  • Finish reading the New Testament in Spanish by June
  • Ecuador to visit Hope Quito and help them in the street kids' ministry
  • Japan for relief work at end of the year - learn basic conversational Japanese
  • Find a viable and sustainable means of getting passive income / high-yield portable "tentmaking" work projects


Kindness: especially at home. How I conduct myself, in ministry, and relationships with others.

Godliness: Hunger and desire for God himself. To fear and respect and revere God more. More desire for the things of God.

Hope: To (re)train myself to always see the good that is in every situation, no matter how jialat it may seem. As I learnt from my Bible study of Philippians and Ephesians, one reason I can rejoice is because THE GOSPEL can be preached! :) To practice the virtue of hope.

Confidence: To be more confident in big groups, especially remembering to be what GOD wants me to be - whether He wants me to be quiet or to be more extroverted, given that situation at that time. I am the Lord's servant, not the other way round.

To also not be afraid, but to be bold and courageous in speaking words of faith, words of hope and words of love to those around me. To also stand and speak up for what I know is right in God's eyes and to encourage and exhort others to do and think the right things too. 

When feeling depressed, to train myself to find hope in God, and let His peace that surpasses all understanding guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

Bible Study: Study through another book. I wonder which one to embark on. See where God leads me on this!

Work: Land a job as a researcher with NIE on e-learning for children. Write 4 more books this year for children. Write one practical iPhone app.

Missions: Save up enough money to get a ticket (two-way lah) to support Hope Ecuador in 2012. Brush up on mi Español, ¡amigos!

"Special Ops" Life Group
- Establish the "Special Ops" boys' ministry. Perhaps I should call it Rainbow Seven... the boys' special team to disciple the boys to live out their God-destined calling to become young men of God. :)
- Organize monthly outings across different grades for the older and younger boys to have a great time to bond together and form firm male friendships, especially with one another. Nerf outings and backpacking, etc. :)

Drama ministry:
- Start planning in January for the Easter service, and May for Christmas drama. September for Children's Day.
- Call Frank from Janus Education (or some other experienced children's drama instructor) to come in and train the teachers and children in drama FOR children and BY children.)
- Read up on the Creative Arts for children.
- Empower and build up a self-sustaining team of scriptwriters and actors (especially from the children themselves, starting with the seed group of Kate and Samuel).
- Help Misha come up with a full-fledged musical for Easter. :D
- Life Group: Connect with Gabriel's parents, and Jacob's parents too. Pray for them (and their parents) every day. Big strongholds call for big bombardments of prayer!

Health and Fashion:
To get more short-sleeved checkered shirts, and wear stuff that looks more appropriate for a "creative" person. Heh. Though I don't really care. But what the hey? :)

Dye hair... ? Nah. Can't be bothered to.

Exercise? Yes! :) Upper-body weights training. I like the feeling actually. :) To do ten pull-ups by the end of the year. Practical lah. :)

Shoot hoops with my shepherd... :)

See Work. No work, no marnee. See how life is so simple? :D LOL.

This is in God's hands already. Just waiting for Him to do His part. I've already done my part, as best as I can.

But I'd very much love to have a wonderful and godly sister serve together with me in children's ministry / missions / media for children. Same heart, same values, compatible callings. :) 

Think God is refining my dreams this year as I continue to explore how one can fulfill the Great Commission through discipleship in children's ministry, community service and missions trip... using media as a tool to tell the Greatest Story ever told to every nation, every tribe, every people, every tongue. :D

So exciting to be able to actually have big dreams... and to be able to put them into practice! :D

"Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • Serve full-time in children's ministry
  • Write down a book: "10 Things About Serving as an Introvert in Children's Ministry"
  • Writing / professional storytelling as a career?
  • Visit Cambodia again - go to the villages and orphanages
  • Organise a missions trip team
  • Explore missions in Southeast Asia / South America
  • Go deeper into community care for children in Singapore
  • See CG grow in prayer + WoG
  • Publish a children's book (on the way)
  • Implement prototype for patent
  • iPhone app development
  • Men's ministry for my CG
  • HopeKids online library...?
  • HopeKids video channel?
  • Children's drama script blog
  • Film-making studies?
  • Inductive Bible study...
  • HopeKids board games club?
  • Establish Writers' Circle