Saturday, October 16, 2010

CG Thanksgivings :)))

CG Thanksgivings :)))

CG was great today! :) it also help me remember to share some good things God has done for me. (Esp when I had been feeling down and discouraged again this week.) :)

About how He mercifully helped me get my NRIC after almost a year, even though it was supposed to be destroyed if not collected after 3 months. (Thanks Elvis for praying for my NRIC too!)

And for His good provision of a part-time job through Shuyi at NIE. such a blessing. Had helped Shuyi with her resume, and now she's in a position to help me back - and also another bro.

Very thankful too for Peter's help and ideas regarding the media dream that we have. Of blessing the world through media. Peter commented: "Now the technology is available. It wasn't available just a few years back (when Peter and I started dreaming and strategizing how to find our niches in the crowded media sphere.)"

Yup... I believe God has planted this dream in our hearts at just the right time, because though we could not foresee what the future had, He had already planned and provided the technology for us long before it was created. :) just that He also had to bring us in the meantime through our own unique life paths to train and mature us in character, dependence on Him, strength and skills. Sometimes the dreams we had seemed so far away. But suddenly we are blessed to - if not settle down in the "Promised Land" in our own lifetimes - at least walk through the length and breadth of it. :)

Also thank God for my CG. I am very blessed to be so comfortable with them. It's such a relief to be able to exercise my crazy dramatic side of me too after such a long time of repressing it. :) That's one aspect of my conflicting personality that fascinates me: that I can be shy, yet curious at the same time. That I can be reserved in general, yet when with some people, go totally crazy and dramatic. Haha... :) Hee. Finding my element.

Not being a two-faced kind of fellow, mind you, but I've been learning recently that it's really fine to have two very opposite traits in me. I guess I spend quite a bit of energy quite a lot of times having to repress one or the other. :) but yeah, I think God created funny creatures like the zebra, the platypus and the koala to defy our human tendencies to reductionistically categorize people.

Thank God for His grace to us in the caregroup. That it can be a place to come just as you are. :) And perhaps that's the first rule of any fellowship: come, just as you are. The second rule is: help one another become the people God meant us to be. To be authentic - AND growing. To be authentically growing.

:) so want to encourage you, dear brothers and sisters, to come to the table of mercy. To share in the communion of the saints, the fellowship of the believers. To experience God's presence together as an ekklessia, the community of the called, the called-out ones. To eat together with glad and sincere hearts too, praising God and praying together! :) And if God likes what He sees, He'll add to our numbers daily. :)

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