Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Orphaned Children - Soriya Chorn (Produced in Kampong Speu, Cambodia)

I met brother Soriya in the FGA Child Care Centre. He's twenty years old, which struck me as rather old for someone to stay in the centre. But he shared with me a very touching testimony of how he had run away from the centre when he was 12. He survived by doing odd-jobs, but God found him and he became a Christian at 14. His pastor eventually suggested to him that he start serving, and he did, as a guitar teacher to prisoners. When he was almost 17, he decided to resume his studies - no easy task for him as he had stopped studying so long ago. Somehow, God providentially brought him back to the very same centre that he had run away from, and the people at the Centre welcomed him back. :)

Man... the prodigal student. Soriya shared with me that he faced frequent discouragements as he had many concerns about his family (very poor), his studies and his future after finishing his high school education. But in the midst of his discouragements, he saw how God was faithful to him, helping him every step of the way. For example, when he first came in, he got 0 for his Maths test. But he pressed on... and the next month, he got 10. Slowly, his marks improved until he finally managed to get full marks many months later. :)

Soriya hopes to become a policeman after he finishes studying, if he can't get a place in the university. I was concerned about that, because I've heard from the other locals about the rampant corruption in the police force. But Soriya told me that it's precisely why he wants to go there - so that he can make a difference by being an upright policeman in a sea of corruption. Gosh. Respect. Told him he'll be like a sheep among wolves. He nodded knowingly. Of course, in order to survive, since an honest cop's wages are very low, he plans to start a part-time business on the side to support his family and himself.

So I prayed for him, for God's grace and guidance upon his future, and where He wants this dear brother in Christ to go to next after his studies, and for strength and peace and grace too. It was a very touching time, we two Christians, praying together in Jesus' name. And how our struggles, whether rich or poor - we often have concerns of the heart so similar. But above all these, it is the common joy of hearing how the Lord has been good to us, and realizing that we really do share a common Lord and Saviour who love us so much. :D


Hee. Anyway Soriya, because of his past experiences, thoughtfully penned a song to speak on behalf of all the orphaned children of the world. Hope you love the song (he sang it in Khmer) and the music - and the video too.

Here's the translation:

Orphaned Children
by Soriya Chorn

Life is born in a dark society.
Why did this society kill my parents?
It brought my life full of suffering
Small Brothers and Sisters cry because their parents are gone
Where do I go from here? How do I live?

Every day I feel sick because I don't have anyone to take care of me
I try to survive and find work every day and night
Sometimes bad men blaspheme, beat and trample on me
I feel pain in my whole body
Where do I go from here? How do I live?

Why is my life different from others?
Full of suffering and without relief?
Please God help me
Help me to take care of my brothers and sisters
They have no hope and no one to depend on
Where do I go from here? How do I live?

Please don't look down on me
Please don't accuse me of a small cruelty
Please help those who are orphans and have a miserable life
Their scars are painful
Where do I go from here How do Iive?

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