Sunday, October 10, 2010

Different, but Same-Same :)

Blessed by how God fits all my freewill choices and random little plans into His beautifully synchronized plan. I forgot to go for uniYA service today cos no service or CG this wk. So felt upset esp since not much spiritual fellowship this wk (besides meetup w Jon). But had sent out a casual msg to some bros to see whether they're free to drop by. Spencer came. Told me tt he's gg for PolyDins service. Realized we could join Andrew there since he's in PolyDins.

The worship, testimony and sermon encouraged and edified me lots! :) timely too.

Spent some time w some of e PolyDins ppl. V blessed. :)

Lesson: dont get upset if you forgot to schedule something. God may have planned something better!

Lesson: We are all one in Christ. Focus on our common heart for God. Find common joys, not focus on e 'age gap'. :) thk God I still look v young haha.

Not to say that there aren't differences. But we can find and connect. It's not that hard, frankly. In fact in Christ it is so much easier because of our common love and mutual servanthood towards one another. Don't let e media's notion of GenX/Y/Z/whatever overshadow what the Bible really says: "One generation shall proclaim Your works to another."


Hee. Such a joy. Connecting with different hearts, same love, one Lord and God.

Eph 4:1-6

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