Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Art of Freshability

Notes that I took from Hong Teck's CG sharing:

Freshness in ministry is so important. It's like eating an oyster. If it's only half-fresh, half of it has to be thrown away. So it is with our own ministry. If what we do is not fresh - i.e. not of the Spirit but of our own fleshly efforts, it ultimately has to be discarded.

Make saying, "Sorry" and "It's ok" your greatest ability as s leader. Because God's compassion never fails. Likewise ours too should not.

If you have flashbacks of past hurts and bad experiences, then flashback even further to the day that Christ died.

Actually make it such that you don't have to be so easily offended in the first place. Go back to the Cross again and again and see what Jesus' response was. Give thanks in all circumstances. :) Be full of grace and don't take yourself too seriously. Take God seriously but not yourself.

Yeu Ann

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