Monday, September 27, 2010

The Next Step

Mm. On a gladder note, this Thursday, I will end this one-year attachment of exploration with a more specific understanding of my signature strengths and weaknesses. And oh yes, the specific career areas that I can go further into from here. Fruitful time of exploration, praise God. :)

I remember Peter telling me how God can send not only fellow Christians, but also non-Christians along, to help me in this journey of faith. My boss told me she's not interested in just getting me to get work done... she wants to develop everyone who comes into her company, to help them find their passions. Wow. :D God really provides.

Hee. I think I've found a passion that taps on my signature strengths. Why am I so particular about finding a job that taps on my signature strengths?

Two very simple reasons:

  1. I want to be faithful with the talents God has given me. Since I'm going to work one-third of my life, I want to bless the world using the talents God has given me, and not leave these talents buried in the ground.
  2. I want to be the best that I can be for God in my work. Not just mark time in my work and get tasks done. That's not good enough. Passion + talents + hard work = awesome work that glorifies God and awes kings.
Proverbs 22:29
"Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men."

So what shall I invest one-third of my life in? Always trying to cover up my weaknesses, or focus on maximising my strengths and only if my weaknesses hinder my strengths, work on them? (I mean personality and working weaknesses... not character flaws!)

(Of course, there's no substitute for good hard work. I find that the more I stay focused, the more creative ideas I get. :) Hee.)

But honestly, I really don't want to leave my talents buried in the ground, not bothering even to leave it with the bank. Lazy that I don't bother to spend any energy. Lazy that I don't want to leave the comfort of a safe and well-paying stable job - but one that doesn't allow you to use your God-given talents to the maximum.

Since we're going to work one-third of our lives, why can't we combine our work and calling together?

Hee. Personally, I don't really think this is "Generation Y" thinking per se. I think this is my attempt, as best as I know how and can do, to seek first His kingdom, in my work choices. I have only one life - and it's really short, seriously. So I want to make every shot count. Like a sniper. :)

Having said all that, there's some important considerations. If you have to support a family, about the issues with changing a job and all that. So... yup, I think it's better to find your niche before you get married.

Also, there's the issue if you want to be a missionary. You'll have to do all sorts of jobs I guess. I remember one brother - who's a trained engineer and worked in the banking industry as a manager, saying that he's willing to work as a toilet cleaner just to secure a visa in his missions field. That awed me a lot.


So yeah, to be focused, but also flexible and not obstinate in my career choices. Ha. Just thank God that I have bread-and-butter skills that can help me get through tough times. Anyway, the next few months, I'll write, God willing, a children's book and send for publication with Armour Publishing. And I'll try writing some text adventure game for the iPhone. And some children's Bible/discipleship interactive adventure stories for multimedia.

(And yeah, if it comes to the crunch, why, I'm willing to work as a toilet cleaner. My creativity can come in useful. Or farming? :) There's so much to be done in that area. But yeah, it's my slowness part that I have to speed up in. :\)

Then, next year, if God allows, hopefully my boss gets the funding for her e-learning project. Then I can get back to doing the e-learning project on a freelance basis for her - coordinating with the programmer. It's an advantage, this media + programming skills thingy. Thank God for a Comms and New Media degree.

After all that... I think if I haven't managed to establish myself in writing stories for children, then I'll try applying for research associate positions with NIE or NUS in pedadogical research projects using digital media. Inspired by MIT's Media Lab. :)

Film-making... I don't know. It seems like so much trouble and quite ex actually. Only on a volunteer basis, I think. But writing for books is way cheaper. Heh.

Missions-wise, I can finally have time to plan out the storytelling community work programme that I hope children's ministry can do. And train up in mime. It's a fantastic vehicle for communicating across cultural barriers and uses universal humour too. =) To also get a TOEFL certification too.

Hmm. Should be my plans for the next year. Proverbs 16:3

And oh yeah, step up my tuition fee loan repayment. It's a ball-and-chain around my feet! Yes, thank God Sibor's down to 0.5% this quarter, but still...

Will try to post a few of my personal reflections and thanksgivings after the entire attachment's over this Thursday. Ha... =) Also very thankful too that God used me to be a blessing to my colleagues... and to also share and pray for one of my ex-colleagues, who's a non-Christian. =) So... even there, God used me to plant seeds of love and grace and even the gospel there. Ha... could have done so much more, but thank God still so much that He chose to use someone as unworthy as me. Truly, we have this all-surpassing treasure in jars of clay...

Yup... exciting... =) give thanks to the Lord!

I Have A Destiny (by Mark Altrogge)
I have a destiny I know I shall fulfil
I have a destiny in that city on a hill
I have a destiny and it's not an empty wish
For I know I was born for such a time as this

Long before the ages You predestined me
To walk in all the works You have prepared for me
You've given me a part to play in history
To help prepare a bride for eternity

I did not choose You but You have chosenme
And appointed me for bearing fruit abundantly
I know You will complete the work begun in me
By the power of Your Spirit working mightily

© 1986 People of Destiny International/Word Music


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yeu@nn said...

I don't believe it. The spammers came in less than 10 minutes... now they even have spammers for cleaner jobs?

Jeremy, Text Gamer said...

Heh, spammers are insane these days.

If you are looking to make an interactive fiction book/game, have you every played any multiplayer text games? Of course, I prefer the ones from, but yeah. Anyways.

yeu@nn said...

Cool! Thanks Jeremy for the link :) Hmm, nope didn't get to play multiplayer. Only singleplayer text-based games. But I read abt some of Infocom's games in the '80s. =)

Weizhu said...

btw, u won't need a TOEFL.
maybe a TEFL or TESOL.
don't u just love acronyms..

yeu@nn said...

Haha! Thanks bro! :)