Sunday, September 19, 2010

On a more forward-looking note, I may be shepherding a Primary 3 kid soon. =) Suffice to say that it'll be a challenge to care for him, and also, his parents are not Christians. But thank God, the connection with the boy is there already. Please pray for me to have God-given wisdom, skill and for God's help to see kairos opportunities to connect with his parents even as I start taking another step to help mentor and disciple and hopefully bring the boy into a personal relationship with Christ soon. :) Thank God at least the boy's parents are a complete family who care for their children, and the father is the head of the household. =)

Looking fwd to this, God willing. To minister to the kids directly.

*pause* I remember I was a difficult kid back in Sunday school. :) Hee.

But God, in His infinite wisdom, chooses the most unlikely of people to accomplish His magnificent redemptive work in human history. Hallelujah.

Yay. Haha. Just a thought. Actually, you know, I think I feel strangely energized when I listen to others share their feelings and emotions with me. =) I think some people feel drained when they have to counsel. But I feel energized... Strange huh? =)

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