Thursday, September 23, 2010

This news about DARPA (the same guys who brought us the Internet) researching into solar cells for military applications. Anyway, I normally don't post articles like this... but the comments I found so hilarious that thought you'd like to read these too!

Posted by: Woodwizard | 06/25/10 | 1:45 pm |
This is nothing new for the Army and Marines, I used solar panels to charge batteries for my laser beam range finder and night observation devices. Set on observation locations to hunt for bad guys and fire artillery…

Posted by: Woodwizard | 06/25/10 | 1:47 pm |
Oh, I used those solar panels in Vietnam…

Posted by: soybean | 06/25/10 | 4:51 pm |
Dude I totally used those things in the war of 1812.

Posted by: windexglow | 06/25/10 | 6:09 pm |
dude I totally used those to club a mate and bring her back to my cave

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