Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saw this comment on FB by a sister just now:
When you aggravated at someone, try these helpful steps - pray for that person, think of something good in that person, and get to know that person. When u learb why they behave a certain way, you may find ur anggravation turning to compassion. James 1:19

deep sigh.

I know God is calling my attention to this. I think I'm aggravated at my dad, because I keep feeling and thinking that he has to be more responsible. Even my mum says so. In a way maybe I feel resentful towards him, because I think he has caused the family a lot of trouble by his irresponsibility and lack of prudence and thinking.

Yet he's a caring dad, fortunately. It could have been worse.

Perhaps I feel angry, because I have expectations of my dad, that he should serve as a better role model for me. He's my father after all. But somehow this thought came to mind: "You're the son, and you're the next man in the family. Shouldn't you then lead by example? After all, you're an adult already... and well, you're the next man in the family."

I guess so. Maybe it's a lingering sense of disappointment towards my dad, that he wasn't the best father that he could be. But hey, it could have been much, much worse.

And think about it. Do you have to lose your temper and become resentful in the first place? Your dad shows grace to you... what about you yourself?

After all, part of it is your own sense of resentment, that you feel he's being rude and inconsiderate. But that could just be his manner of speaking, not his intention.

And doesn't God look at the intention, rather than the manner, of speech?

Sigh. I just still feel so steamed.

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