Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eppur Si Muvoe

I think grateful simple-hearted receiving, at the bottom of it all, is the only proper response to grace. What else can we do? To be all pumped-up and hoity-toity about accepting from someone who clearly has what we do not have? To be all sophisticated?

I enjoy the time with my caregroup. Frankly it's really very simple, our preparations, but I think everyone is blessed, because we simply sit around and share about our week, sing songs, have Holy Communion and sermon discussion. And supper after that too! :)

Nothing sophisticated about it. Frankly, it's rather bare-bones - understandable, considering that we already put in so much time for the children's service. Yet, somehow, we gather together and break bread with glad and sincere hearts. :) We just come, just as we are. And somehow, everyone is ministered. :) We don't have to be what we are naturally not.

And somehow, the caregroup works despite our bare-bones approach. =) Eppur si muvoe. Thank God He reminded us of the simplicity of caregroups:
Matthew 18:20
"... For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."
Of course, not to be simple-minded, but as we grow in wisdom and skills, we need to always stay simple-hearted.

And I think, to stay simple-hearted requires that we must never fall into the trap of being simple-minded. To be intentionally simple-hearted and simple-faithed.

"Eppur si muvoe." And yet He moves the earth.

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