Thursday, September 9, 2010

"You have to allow your yes to be yes and then be disciplined to go fulfill your promises. Your shine and influence depends on your reputation as a promise keeper."

(Disclaimer: What I wrote below are my emotional thoughts. I find it helps me to pen down my thots, even the negative ones, so that I can take them captive more easily. It's a bit hard to take thoughts captives if you don't confess and lay them plainly out, I think. And i don't do positive-thinking-talk... I just do the Psalmist-talk. :) [Man, I love the Psalms. So real and raw... and having faith in God even when you've lost faith in yourself.])

Feel lousy because I know I've broken so many deadlines and promises. Slowness be damned.

This is why ministry only belongs to those who are faithful. To those who can meet deadlines.

I can't meet deadlines, therefore I shouldn't serve any more.

I know... this is ranting. I just ... am not good at meeting deadlines.

Think I have to find something else to do.

Hmm... does God use only people who are fast and efficient?


- no, rationally this doesn't make sense... but i am airing out my inner thoughts here. -


Lesson of the story?

I must learn to say no, and not take up any responsibilities. It's safer and less disappointing that way for everyone.


the worm said...

Hey bro! Don't be discouraged k. God made cheetahs, but he also made snails! :D

We all have certain weaknesses that hinder our ministry and work. One of mine would be my need for things to be urgent before I start doing them. It's irritating and costly.

But I believe we can improve. Like what Pastor Jeff always say, we might not become from F students to A students, but we can always improve. Maybe from 49 marks to 50!

Don't let your limitations as a human stop the joy of serving the Lord! :)

Just do your best. God sees your heart, not your speed. :)

And also, I think with your pace, you'll make a very good writer. Writers have more liberty to take their own sweet time, compared to doing projects for others. So you can always fall back on this, jobs that enable you to take things at your own pace (your strength) in the future!

Don't worry about it!

the worm said...

Sorry, I just realised you wrote those, in response to a quotation. :)

Hmmm... I think one thing that may help you. Always be on the safe side. If possible, if you think you need 2 weeks, tell the person 3 weeks.

Unless, you have my problem. Even if you give me 1 month to do something, I will only start doing it when someone asserts pressure or pressure comes naturally when the deadline approaches.

This one, I still don't have a solution. But others have this problem, we can think of solutions and test them out to see if they work!