Saturday, September 11, 2010

Frustrated with my dad.

He asked me to read some legal documents. I told him he has to read it himself - it's his stuff, not mine.

Why did I say that? I think partly because I felt he's fobbing his work off onto me... and refusing to be responsible for what he should do on his own.

Furious. Because he refuses to read the document properly. He just glances and then say it's nonsense. What the ... (expletive).

Got into a heated quarrel with him.

Just so angry with my dad for his irresponsibility and immaturity. :(


Anonymous said...

My dad told me we are like babies twice.

When we are born and when we grow old.


Treat him like a kid again? :) hehe.

Your chance to Daddy him. :)


yeu@nn said...

Haha! interesting idea... more of care for him tho... =) Thanks sis!