Monday, September 27, 2010

Company of HopeKids

Just your usual HopeKids volunteers...:)

Hmm. Another wave of downness again. I messaged Hong Teck today asking him what value do I really add to the children's ministry. Ironic, considering that Sunday was a great sermon by HT, on impacting the children. But the same day, I felt so discouraged by some comparisons that I made that I momentarily felt tempted to give up on children's ministry.

Might be Satan and/or his minions trying to deceive and discourage me by going for my weak points. Ah, that's the devil for you - he never plays fair. A real devil, that Satan. But thank God that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.


Well, HT reminded me not to compare myself. That's an effective tactic of the devil. And he reminded me of the impact that my little acts of service can make. Mmm! I mustn't forget God sees things differently. Like the sinful woman who washed Jesus' feet... the poor widow who gave two copper coins... unnoticed on earth, but celebrated in heaven.

That is the way of the Kingdom on earth - not with trumpets, but with a towel.


Ah. It's so hard to die to self. To be willing to be unnoticed. Yet that's the way of the Kingdom... Lord, help me be more and more the servant that You would have me be - willing to serve unnoticed, labouring for no one's affirmation but Yours and Yours alone.

Hmm... anyway, just being honest. Oh yes! I remember Pastor James Lim telling me prophetically back in beginning of 2008 that God has called me into children's ministry. I mustn't be disobedient to the calling that I have received. I think God made all these things so clear to me, because He knows me so well, that He knows that I will face discouragement in these particular areas. And that why He's prepared me in advance with these clear signs and encouragement.

Thank God for this company of heroes. Thank God for my fellow Hopekidders. :)

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