Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's quite fascinating, being a feeler AND a guy.

I was listening to a sister share her feelings the other day. I realized that while I could empathize with her, I also realized that solutions started popping up in my mind. I had to literally bite my tongue to stop myself from giving solutions, because I knew my friend needed a listening ear more than anything else at that moment.

Interesting how guys, when listening to gals, tend to go into problem-solving mode, even for emotions...

Hmm. Yes, I'm an emotional person. But you know, I realize I also enjoy analyzing my emotions to understand what caused it, and what effect it has. Strange that one can approach emotions in such an analytical manner.

Hmm. I guess it's like being an advance scout in the field of feelings. That I am one of the few who has learnt to accept his emotions, but yet understand why one feels that way, so that he can help others in turn understand likewise. Like how C.S. Lewis observed and penned down his feelings in a very real way even as he was blinded by grief over his wife's death. Not to judge people for their feelings, but to help them understand the root cause of their feelings so that they can work on the healing and if necessary, the confronting process. Sometimes people just need a good shoulder to cry on... sometimes they need to be told to get up and move on.

Like what Jesus did for Mary and Martha. =)

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