Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Frank Brother-To-Brother Talk

think abt it
  we all talk so much abt being spiritual here and there
  but come to think of it
  have we ever been taught how to win a sister's heart?
  we have to look around, ask around... pick up whatever scraps of knowledge we can find.
10:27 PM i tell u
  it's only teh goodlooking guys. the guys with humour who win
  deep breath
  the confident guys
  the macho guys
  who win
10:28 PM we weaklings
  we nice guys
  we are the losers
  the outcasts, the rejects
  the church has failed us
10:29 PM in this area
  (man, i wonder why i said all these. you know what i mean?)
10:30 PM bro: i know wat u mean.. i'll take that on the feeling level..
 me: tks
  but i do mean it on the higher level too
10:31 PM bro: at that level, i would disagree a little (but not totally)
 me: what do u disagree with?
10:33 PM bro: firstly, the church isn't just an institution, it's the ppl ard you.. and i think they have helped
  me, peter, etc
 me: thanks for reminding me of tt truth
10:34 PM bro: no prob
  and even at the higher level of church life, there are at least some efforts to help singles
  it is a recognised problem
10:35 PM me: right
  i'll do something abt tt
  i have a bro who also ... struggles with this in a way // not my sheep btw
  i am helping guide him to be more mature
  yet at present
  i look around
  and sometimes i feel so frustrated
10:36 PM it feels like a piecemeal effort
  and i am only able to help one person at a time
  and i barely have the skills + knowledge
  to help a bro grow more mature
  u know
  maybe it's the culture thing as well
10:37 PM (yes i am looking at the church again as an institution from this perspective)
  it's easy to complain
  but i'm furious enough to do something abt it
  (which may not be a bad thing)
10:38 PM maybe i gotta fight harder
10:39 PM there's so many things
  ah well
  tks for listening to me rant
 bro: hee
10:40 PM me: but yes!
  i feel angry at all the unfairness
  having gone thru various experiences in my church
  by the grace of God
10:41 PM even tho i've experienced rejection even from certain leaders
  i've seen grace around still
  n putting all these things tog
  precisely becos of the pain of unfairness tt i've experienced
  instead of becoming disillusioned with the church
10:42 PM it makes me want to fight even harder to help my church be wat God wants her to be
  we are still so far from wat Jesus wants us to be.
  but yeah, God will raise up men and women after his own heart at the right time
  to speak and help the church grow
 bro: amen!


Anonymous said...

I don't really think nice guys have lost.

sure, on a very surface level, the good looking guys are likely to attract more attention from the fairer gender (it sorta rhymes! i'm a closet poet :p) and the nice guys always seem to be the wallpaper, watching paint dry...

but hee... i think (speaking from my own experience) actually the pple who make the loudest noise/preen the brightest feathers/crow the loudest/strut the proudest might actually the most insecure/empty/afraid? That's why they hide behind a wall of 'toughness and machoness'. We think - 'Argh, I'll never be like the nice guy in the corner, so I might as well go to the other extreme'.

God made us all different so we can complement each other. I for one am definitely glad Mel's not like me... I'd go crazy if I fell in love with me :p

Let's spur each other on bro! And somehow i think a cuppa joe with mr heng might be in order soon. And lest i forget, i just initially wanted to say i agree that the church (both as an institution and as a living body of bros and sisters) can do more!

Another blog post!


yeu@nn said...

awesome! =D it's so encouraging to have like-minded bros like you, robert, who really have the heart and desire to help build the body of Christ up! :D

yes, a coffee joe wld be great. weizhu suggested highlander cafe last time. it's ex, but we shld go there. =)

you let me know again k?