Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Next Stage

I have been thinking about what is the next stage of my life's work, and just what is the work the Father has called me to do, in the midst of all this working madness. And thinking about it... I've been waiting for God to call me for missions, to the frontline... to guide me in the next step to take for my career, my calling, my life's work...

But I think God also is waiting for me to take the next step too. And I realised from Isaiah 6, He is calling for volunteers who will respond out of their own free will. "Who will go for us? And whom shall I send?" God isn't looking for conscripts, but calling for volunteers.

So I've been thinking. I've been waiting for Him to show me how do all this media, missions and children's ministry work together. And have been praying, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

And putting the pieces together, I see how He has been using me in Nurture Programme, in children's service, and even in Cambodia. But now I feel like I'm in a deadlock, waiting and waiting for the next call.

However, as I pray and reflect... perhaps God may be impressing on my heart that He's now waiting for me to take the next step. It's free will here, and whatever choice I make, He will support and guide me. Wow. So exciting. Yet so scary. Hee. =)

It's like a dance. God guides me one step, and then the next step I take the initiative. And together, we are fellow workers in the field. Frankly, if I ask God for clearer guidance, He simply points out there at the missions fields, as though He is saying that it's pretty obvious what His general will is. "Therefore go..."

To be honest, I'm not very sure at this point if every Christian is called to go into the missions field. Some are called to serve Him full-time in the workplace, others in the comcare areas, others in the arts and so on... but He did say that many are called, but few are chosen (whatever that means). But from what I do know of His general will, and His heart for the lost and His explicit command to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, I think He wants us to think about what He wants every Christian to aim for... and not be presumptuous, assuming that one's workplace must necessarily by default be his/her missions field.

I'm guessing God wants volunteers to respond to His call for volunteers to go to the frontlines of the missions field. But it's not like we immediately go out into the missions field. That's being presumptuous too. Instead, we ought to be humble and just tell God, "Here I am. Send me!"

And if God deigns, He will send you... where? I dunno. Or maybe He will have to train you first. But whichever way, just tell God you want to join up and sign up for the good fight. Doesn't matter if you're a cripple or an eccentric or a millionaire or a pauper or a wise man or the village idiot... God can qualify you if He wants!

And God, who sees your heart, will bless you greatly. But let God know that you're availing yourself and want to be sent by Him. Then... well, just do and pray, pray and do, and let God guide you step by step to the ends of the earth.

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