Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sigh. So much stress all because of one script. I think I made a stupid mistake by not being harder on my teammate whom I'd delegated the scriptwriting to. Should have been firmer instead of being nice and doing it. So much for my well-intention to do it myself in the mistaken thought that I can wrap it up faster.

Moral of the story: If you delegate, really delegate. Don't delegate and if you see it not being done, find someone else to replace the person whom you delegated it to. Or everyone else will suffer because you weren't wise enough to redelegate. There's a difference between a sacrificial spirit and a well-intended do-it-on-my-own-loh spirit that drags everyone else down

Never again!

Fantastic post by Perry Noble: Leaders Make Tough Decisions... No Matter What
I would almost be willing to bet my last Bible that Nehemiah wasn’t the first person to identify the problem…and I would dare say he wasn’t the first person to try to do something about it. BUT…the ONE THING that set him apart as the guy who did the “impossible” was that he was completely willing to make a decision that was unpopular with some for the good of so many others!

That is what leaders do! I’ve seen SO MANY TIMES a leader identifies the problem but just lacks the stones to pull the trigger and do what needs to be done…and so we see organizations repeating the same mistakes over and over because someone isn’t willing to sacrifice popularity for the sake of progress!

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