Thursday, May 6, 2010

Letter To You, Father.

Dear Father,

Thank You so much for carrying me through the past month. Thinks have been really intense... but thank You for the really refreshing time with Edmund (the one in NUS) yesterday. Hee. Very thankful for this dear bro's friendship. 


Hmm.. guess I've been feeling really saturated by work, and worries and so on. So actually it was rather hard for me to come before You and be still. But yeah, prayed in the Spirit... and oh, it brought me back to the times in NUS when I felt down. And I remembered that You are the same yesterday and today and forever. =)

Yup... I want to chase You again, Father.

You know, I was wondering why is it that I talk with You differently as compared to talking with, say, Weizhu or Edmund. Hmm. I dunno. I always get melancholic when talking with You... you know, just being quite MEL... I dunno. Maybe it's because I can be real before You... but You know what? I think I still haven't really learnt to enjoy Your presence as a friend. But maybe it's not a bad thing in the sense that I also must revere You, for You are GOD... You are my Father...

Hmm. Yah. Hee. Maybe I relate to You more like a Father... which, actually, is the point of it all. And yeah, why not? But it's great having You as my brother too... Jesus our brother, our kor-kor. =D And Your Holy Spirit as the Counsellor. 

I like You, God, I really do. =D

Ha. So much I've yet to know of You Lord. I haven't even begun to plumb the depths of your Personality... your love... and so on... I could search for all eternity long, and find there is none like You.


Weizhu said...

awww.. so sweet.. :)

yeu@nn said...

hee. thanks a lot for your encouraging comment, dear weizhu! :D