Monday, May 24, 2010

So Send I You

Went for Global Day of Prayer today. Huanyan came. We were so glad to see each other.

Yufen wanted to go, but she had work. I was also thinking about whether to go because of work + ministry. But... I'm so glad I went.

Theme was 'One Desire'. Prayed for unity in the church, and also consecrating ourselves to God... for compassion for the needy and yes, missions.

And... as we prayed for missions, just felt that familiar burden welling up in my heart again. Oh, it beats fiercer than Poe's tell-tale heart. You can't bury the heart of the Father - too many Christians have tried to muffle His heartbeat under floorboards of excuses and fears... but in the end the Shepherd's heart beats so strongly for the lost. "For Christ's love compels us..."

So I asked God to confirm again whether that country I think He's calling me to really is the country He has in mind for me. Well... the Hallelujah To The Lamb song came after I prayed. It's very special to me, because that song was exactly the same song that had played while I responded back in 2001 to go to that country for missions. Tried to listen again to the song just now. But... it's so beautiful that I had to stop halfway. Couldn't bear to hear it any further - the lyrics just gripped my heart too much. Hee. Wonder if it's a sign from God that yes, He's confirming bit by bit.


Life's so short. I want to do the Father's will, even if it costs me. But oh God, grant me the grace and strength to do Your will instead of mine. It's going to be hard I think. But well... here am I anyway. Send me!

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