Saturday, May 15, 2010

Journey of Faith: The Next Step

"So when would you like to come over? You choose the date. :)"

"Hmm... how about the start of June?"

"I'll be away in Kuching till for a week or so. How about... middle of June?"

"Hmm... ok sure! I look forward to working with you guys."

And so, Abraham agreed. And he remembered the picture of the stars so many years ago. Pursuing God's calling for him. After three years... now he'll be leaving and moving on to a new stage of ministry.

All the practical considerations... but God's call overrides them all. So I'll give my all, to answer His call.


Anonymous said...

Happy for you, bro. :D
Children's ministry will be blessed with a bro like u.
See u ard in 2nd svc. - mel

yeu@nn said...

haha! thanks for the encouragement, mel! :D