Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ok. I'm back with guns blazin'.

Yup, you got a discouraged post last night, asking for comments.

To answer Huanyan, there's obviously more reasons why. I'll just state my reason why: I need comments help me gauge how I'm doing with my writing. And frankly, I felt like Vincent van Gogh who was really discouraged. Look, we artistic souls do need a word of acknowledgment of our talents ok? Started seriously doubting whether I even have the talent for writing.

And yes, I moved. It was good, staying away in the desert for a retreat, just writing honestly and so on. But now I feel mad about something, so I'm back on this soapbox to shout it aloud, hold it not back.

Anyway, after I posted that post last night, interestingly, I stumbled upon an article that talked about doing what you do best in spite of discouragement. It quoted from Nehemiah. That touches me, because I know God is with me. And thinking about Hong Teck's sermon, I guess there was this increasing build-up in my heart that something has to be done. So I'm back on course already.

I still need your comments to at least let me know whether my blog really does blesses you. Not only generally, but let me know what do you like abt my posts - is it the words? the topics I touch on? the style? etc. No, I am not a constipated prune who says I don't need approval from men blah blah blah i can live on my own in the desert and sunshine and fresh air. I don't know about you, but to be very honest, I need feedback to know that my posts do matter. And to improve. Maybe it's the writer in me. But... if no comments, it's ok. God can provide for me anyway.

But I think His general will is pretty clear in the Scriptures that we're supposed to encourage one another DAILY, as long as it is called Today. Just let me know how I can improve ok? Because eventually I'm going to be a professional writer, and this blog is my gym, my live-firing range, where I hone this craft, this ability that God gave me to use.

So here we go again!

Insecure? Yes, I think so. But in an ironic way, I think it's better than being proud (to paraphrase good ol' CS Lewis). For pride is worse than insecurity, because in a strange way, insecure people know their own brokenness and they look to others (and maybe - even God!) for reassurance and approval. After all, thirst was made for water, wasn't it?

But pride, cold self-assured pride, says I don't even need your praises - I'm good enough as I stand. Insecurity may be like osteoporosis of the soul, leaving you brittle and vulnerable. But pride is cancer to your bones.

And perhaps, maybe, insecurity can be a grounds for you to show courage, because you can choose to do something that you feel will get your head blasted off (but you still do it anyway), whereas pride will make you go around blasting other people's heads off.


Flince said...

I read your blog almost everyday, as I've mentioned before. I quite enjoy reading your thoughts. You write in a conversational style, which has its pros and cons.

You're okay as a writer - you manage to get your point across in your own voice, the flow of your points is clear, and there are no typos or grammar mistakes that cause people to wince. That's something that many people cannot do, so it's a great start! You're probably a better writer than me!

How to improve as a writer - now that one will take practice with the intent to get better.

I'm not a writing teacher yet, but identify the best posts that you've made. What made it a good piece of writing?

You should try stretching your limits as a writer, maybe by changing your tone of writing. Your style and tone of voice is more or less the same for every entry. Mix things up a bit.

You could write on a topic that isn't in your comfort zone. Experiment to see what works and what doesn't.

I have to warn you that experimenting will mean that your quality of writing will drop.

These are vague, unspecific advice, but you're not my student, I'm not an experienced teacher, and thus I'm not going to dictate what you should or should not work on.

TL;DR: Stretch yourself as a writer. Write not only with the intention to convey a point, but also with the intention to become better. Find your best pieces of writing and analyze them.


yeu@nn said...

Dude, you rock. =D

Haha! but really, thanks a ton Flince for your very helpful advice! :)

I think you'll make a great teacher, the way you can give advice in a thotful, yet precise manner.

Will put your advice to work!

Flince said...

Hshs thanks for your compliment. Happy writing!