Monday, May 10, 2010

ID2010: Stewardship - 4 Ways To Maximise Our Abilities

Hong Teck preached a great sermon about stewarding our abilities from Matthew 25:14-30 (NIV).
I'll put up a summary here:
1. Recognize your abilities (v14-15)
The master gave according to their abilities.
God never gives pearls to pigs.

The question is not abt whether God recognizes or believes in our abilities, but about whether we recognize our abilities or not. Often we look for resources first. But we should recognize the abilities God has given us first.

a. Recognize your strengths and keep doing them everyday.
- practice it! don't lose it...
- exercise your giftings every day.
- keep believign and keep doign it everyday

b. Recognize your weaknesses. Be gracious and if possible stop doing it or keep it to acceptable levels.
- Don't hoard a ministry I'm weak in, just so that I can prove myself!
- Be courageous to admit my weaknesses.

Weaknesses are not sins!

We say that we don't have lots of abilities. But perhaps it's because we don't recognize our abilities in small packages.

2. Multiply your resources (v16-18)
People / things / etc
Multiply, not just add!

Give your 100% - literally! (reproduction... thank God we pass on 100% of our chromosomes... :))
Multiply is kingdom principle

Mark 4:8 "multipling 30, 60 or even a 100 times"

To multiply, set goals... but don't confuse goals with godliness...
Growth is found in the places you're most scared of. (Remember the context of doing these in the areas of our strength...)

3. Enjoy Your Faithful and Fruitful partnership with God(v19-23)
"Come and share your master's happiness!"
Let God bless us rather than us blessing ourselves.

4. Challenge flawed mindsets (in favour of faith ones)(v24-27)
"So I was afraid and went out and hid your talent in the ground." - procrastination...
The worthless servant had a flawed mindset of who God is.
Wicked + lazy...

a. Is your mindset fixed? Has it been fixed on caution, rules, laws?
b. Is your mindset promoting laziness / idleness - or does it promote progress?
we have to be for progress, even tho at times it's "wasteful"
the woman with the alabaster jar

c. Is your mindset based on fear or is it based on faith?
by failing faster you'll progress faster (but don't do stupid things!)

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