Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How Can I Find the Will of God?

Peter Truong wrote a short but sweet post on how to discover God's will for your life. :)

I've been thinking. I do want a stable job. But in the face of what I really want to do for God... writing, programming creative stuff, explore new ideas, and my own propensity to walk to my own beat, I think being a freelancer would work better.

However, I've read up about the disadvantages of doing freelancing. A bit hair-raising at times. At least my sis works as a freelancer, but still, I feel reluctant.


But I'm grateful that God has given me his Word, especially Proverbs, to guide me. I was talking with an ex-colleague, who quit to work on a new business some time ago with a few other friends. When I asked him recently how it was going, he said that he had left the team, due to some interpersonal difficulties and differences. Pondering about this, I saw that by God's grace, I do know how to resolve such situations as what my friend had to go through, and learn the painful way.

There's so many things that God's Word has given me the wisdom to get safely out of, and better, not to fall into.

How fortunate I am... to have the opportunity to read God's Word for myself, and to have brothers and sisters who helped teach me the Word of God, so that I can know the way to live, the good way. And I'm reaping the benefits of practising God's Word in my daily workplace, and in friendships. The only regret I ever have had about obeying God's Word in all the twelve years of following Christ is that I haven't obeyed it enough.

Mmm. I think this is going to be a big sacrifice for me, the next few years. But yeah, thank God so much He's given me a clear vision. And oh, oh, how dark, yet clear the night is, that I can see the stars shining countlessly.


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