Saturday, November 6, 2010

Walking the Plank in My Eye!

Ah! Timely irony. A sister who told me today about some event but didn't communicate the exact day. So I thought it was tomorrow, when it was actually today. So I said to her that it'd be good to state the exact date and time where possible to avoid further miscommunications.

Then... later on, I tried to arrange a meetup with a bro. I said that "we could meet after my trip ends on 5 Dec."

He thought that I was asking him to meet up on 5 Dec. I replied back, "Bro I can't. I said my trip ends on Dec 5. :) any other day after tt?"

He replied back, "I tot the last msg meant meet on dec 5th."

I looked at my last message again. "we could meet after my trip ends on 5 Dec."

Wah. Ambigious parsing! And the irony of it struck me. That I had told the sister that she should use exact dates so as to avoid further miscommunications... and then I went and did the exact date... and still kena miscomm!

So what lesson could I learn from this?

Show grace. Never assume that your own method / perspective / way of seeing things is 100% correct / sure to work properly / flawless. I realise that I had no excuse to be annoyed in my heart when people do their best and still end up miscommunicating. The spirit of excellence is not to be found in results, but in spirit.

So have repented in my heart. Still learning to be more gracious, like Jesus Christ!

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