Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First Shepherding

First shepherding with Kelvin today :) He's on leave.

Sigh. Woke up late. Didn't get to spend quality time w God in the morning. :( think it's the lure of my flesh that makes me want to sleep late and wake up late. Need to pray and speak the Scriptures to myself more. Crucify my sinful old nature daily! Lord help me!

The first shepherding with Kelvin was really nice :) Very thankful to hear Kelvin's side of his story, how he responded and his thoughts regarding our becoming shepherd and sheep. :)

Suffice it to say that we both believe that the hand of God is at work, bringing us together. Initially we both were concerned that the whole matter had seemed rather 'tikam-tikam', but God's hand was in this. :)

Reminds me of what happened during NUS days when Weizhu found out that he was going to be my shepherd a few days before I found out. :)

I'm his first sheep since he came back. How God brought him back to church - he and his wife shared their story last year, which really moved many of us to tears.

I'm deeply blessed by his sincere and wise sharing. He has a real desire to seek God and do His will. These are real words from a man who has gone through brokenness, left church and sinned against God, yet God brought him back and redeemed him... It reminds me of something that Hanhui shared with me before: that those who have left church, but come back again like the prodigal son, often end up having a deeper and steadier walk with God... in a way, they experienced God's goodness, left Him but realized the world could not compare to God's goodness and came back in brokenness and shame... only to be rejoiced and celebrated over. "My son was dead but now is alive; he was lost and is found."


Hanhui, Weizhu, Peter, Kelvin... all had left church previously... but they returned, and now exude a richer experience of His grace. A richness of forgiveness, grace and redemption that none but prodigals can experience. Even angels long to look into such things.

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