Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kelvin shared some good points with me today. About being still before God, and casting our visions in writing so as to preserve - and keep the details fresh.

Oh yes! The Michaelangelo painting of Gid reaching out to Adam but Adam was not so enthu. He shared with me how Adam tried to touch God's finger too but also kept his arm firmly on earth. So it made it harder for Adam to really reach God. If Adam really wanted to grab God, that would mean letting go of earth and going all the way with outstretched arms.

Instead, we get Michaelangelo's sharp visual commentary on the church-goers of his time:

Very true! How we keep saying that we want to be touched by God, but we keep leaning back onto our comfortable things of the world instead of throwing our arms around His big strong holy hands.

I have my own "earthy armchairs"... Hee won't share here but yup think everyone has their "earthy armchairs" too.

His prayer for me... Thank God. Because I was feeling quite loaded with cares and concerns. I feel it a great blessing when someone prays a hearfelt and detailed prayer for me.

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