Friday, November 26, 2010

Sometimes I wonder whether is it worth it to show care & concern to others, especially if it might make the person feel irritated? Or put off?

I think that's one of the worst things about being a Christian: that you feel compelled to show care & concern, even though it would be easier to just go your own way. I think for me, it's part of having Christ's love in me. And that's the excruciating part. You see & feel things in this world so deeply that sometimes you feel so overwhelmed. But I know that is where we need God's power for the world-sized woes that we witness.

I know, i know, get wisdom. But sometimes we lack wisdom. Sometimes we have to train - and make mistakes in the process.

I ... don't know. Is it worth it to show care & concern to others and keep on trying to look out for the needs and interests of others? Sometimes it is wiser to keep your distance & not care about others and just do your own things.

And yet... perhaps it's better to be a fool then.


God, I need the wisdom to care for others, and not just the heart. But if not, then please don't let me care for others anymore so that I may not cause pain. Help me please. In Jesus' name amen.

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