Saturday, November 20, 2010

Doing the Will of God, Part 2

Yet more good stuff from the same chapter:

"Our character is more important to God than the things we do for Him.

It is His will that we grow to become like His Son. That is why fearing God and keeping His commandments are the acid-test of faith. It is faith in action when we determine in our hearts, "God, I believe Your Word and my desire is to follow Your will, so that I can grow in You." To do this, it is vital that we know what the Lord has said in the Scriptures.

We can't know His WILL unless we know His WORD.

One of my great concerns us that we don't know the Word of God. We are raising a generation of Bible-illiterates! We have got to do something about this. Are we reading the Word of God for our own spiritual nourishment and growth? Are we saturated by the Word of God? Are we being tutored by the wisdom of the Scriptures?

My second concern is this: In the light of God's Word, and what we know of it, <i>are we obeying it?</i> Obedience is better than sacrifice."

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