Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Haha... Been watching more mime videos to get some fresh acting ideas for the pantomime skit for the Cambodia trip. So amazed by Marcel Marceau's skill and aptitude in portraying a butterfly, a snake and so on. Wonder how to mime a tree, though. :D

And gosh, I find it so amazing how my body can naturally fix itself along to imitate. Somehow just feel that God has naturally made my body like this. Not dancing, 'cos my sense of rhythm is, well, pretty off-beat, yet... it's just such a fascination how naturally this sense of proprioception comes to me.

But Kin Wee and Peter, I think, make even better mimes than me. They're naturally very expressive and able to convey things so well through their bodily actions. :D You just have to watch Kin Wee in action - he's so funny!

But yeah, it's such a delight to see how God has created each one of us with certain skills and talents, and such a wonder to see how certain things come so naturally and effortlessly to certain people. =) Sing a song, writing, dancing, painting, giving, creating, selling, thinking, teaching, listening, running, jumping, cooking, programming, etc. I even know one friend whose brother can reverse-engineer the recipe for almost any dish after just tasting the hitherto unknown dish!

A human being has so many possibilities; how much more the church - the community of the called-out ones! :D

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