Monday, April 26, 2010

You know, there was this course that I took back in NUS. I think that was one of the best modules that I ever took in all my 4.5 years in uni. It was called, "Thinking, Reasoning and Inquiry". (Think I told u abt it before.) anyway, the gist of it is that there're different ways of thinking and reasoning. It was fascinating - one moment the lecturer would be giving us a science problem to analyze, the next moment, asking us to evaluate the style of a poem. And we even had to derive Copernicus' theory for ourselves... no easy task actually. And oh yes, debates about how one can use thinking and reasoning to evaluate different religions - and can thinking and faith come together?

So I learnt what works for a logical mathematical axiom cannot work for analyzing a poem. And vice-versa. But... there's one important key principle behind every sphere of thinking and reasoning: whatever mode of reasoning you use, it should be self-consistent within its own sphere.

So one thing I realised about thinking is that true, like what you said, there's a lot of different ways to think. And... I think we can learn more to relax and enjoy the beauty of diverse styles of thinking. And also to see the Big Picture.

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