Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Local Heroes of the Faith

While reading Romans just now, I had this idea. We are inspired by D.L. Moody, Eric Liddel, Jim Elliot, Mother Teresa, William Carey, Watchman Nee and so on.

I wonder, who are the heroes of the faith here in Singapore's history whom we can learn from and be inspired? I don't just mean today... I mean in the past... the 'ang moh' brothers / sisters who came here to serve... and the local people who rose up to lead...

This is a project I think I will keep in mind... but think I gotta find someone to partner with to do this. Write a book, compile it and ask the National Council of Churches of Singapore for their feedback... =) Ooh. Big-time project... would need to go around and interview. But I think I'd love that. Plow through the historical archives... interview ppl...

Maybe make it a documentary? Or a book? Or both?

Think it's worth a try... think I'll try it after my internship.

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