Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring of the Soul

Climbed Bukit Timah Hill with Kin Wee today. It was a sweet and meaningful time of fellowship, and we prayed together... and waited upon God for a major decision that Kin Wee needed to make. Thank God for the joy of being able to prophesy and receive counsel from the Lord for Kin Wee.

Yesterday I started the first day of intensive discipleship for Jon since he's on a one-month break. We'll be meeting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings to have quiet time together - to pray and read Bible together. Praise God for Jon's willing and responsive heart. I truly thank God for a patient and humble sheep like him... =D

Also had the opportunity to bless a CG bro and I sensed God using me to speak a word of prophetic insight to this dear bro. And this dear bro msged me in the night and thanked me for the word... that he realised what God was doing in his life.

Also blessed to fellowship with a CG sister. We had a good time of catching up and sharing ideas during lunch-time.

Wrote a long letter to a dear ministry co-worker to speak to him regarding his discipleship... and he was very touched by the letter I sent him. And he responded in a very immediate way.

Looking at all these, I feel very touched, because I know that the past one month has been spring for my soul. There are so many promises and fresh starts and new beginnings. So I must make the most of this season, to run like the wind, with God's Spirit fresh and alive in my heart every day. And thank God so much for His giving me the gift of prophecy. It really is a joy to be able to speak words of encouragement, comforting and even correction... the heart being that God has graciously used my poor stumbling and inadequate words to draw people closer to Him. So must keep on praying.

Can really sense God's Spirit moving...

Also, I've told Huaqiang and Peter my proposed date of moving over to HopeKids CG finally. It's exciting... but I will so miss my CG.

However, there are things that threaten to hinder me from giving my all. I think God has been impressing strongly on my heart the need to be more self-disciplined. Thank God He is also helping me and working in my heart even as He is convicting me. Thank God for the sanctifying work of his Holy Spirit! :D

Anyway, we had a great game on Sunday. Played Shadow Hunters, which Jinghe bought. Someone screwed up the shuffling during the last game, tho... which led us to think that there were 2 Hunters and 2 Shadows... but it turned out that there were THREE Shadows and 1 Hunter. Poor Qixiong (the sole Hunter) was almost on the verge of yelling out, "Where is my ally?!" But haha we told him hey look on the bright side... he actually managed to defeat all three Shadows, "against all odds!"

Haha... =)

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