Thursday, April 8, 2010

Creative Ministry Manifesto in Progress

I've been thinking. And writing down plans for the drama team. But more than that, I'll be writing down the vision and direction for the drama team... actually, it shouldn't be thought of as the drama team, because that will only restrict its fullest capacity. Like what it says in Isaiah about enlarging our tents and not holding back. That also means being deliberate and intentional with the names we choose, both for ourselves and for our team.

So we're the Creative Team. We are to set the standard in excellence for the rest of the HopeKids ministry in terms of creativity, passion and vision. We are the Rangers, the Creative Commandos of Children's Ministry. We lead the way in researching, innovating, pioneering and experimenting (R-I-P-E) crazy ideas for the Kingdom of God - to bless and impact the next generation of children.

We don't stick to tried-and-tested means only. We perceive and envision upcoming trends, and move in response to new changes. We mix and match, knick and knack, fuse and freeze, amp and damp current ideas to come up with new angles. We catch the next generation by surprise, not the other way around. We aim to tantalize, maximize, surprise, enterprise and delight.

To present the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ to the next generation. To boldly go where no adult has gone before.

On the personal aspect, I think some changes that I need to make in my lifestyle are:

1. Be more intentional.
I know I'm a phlegmatic-melancholic. 'Noah' is my middle name. (Why Noah? Well... because I like to nuah. Haha...)

2. Discipline my reading.
I love to read. I'm a natural reader. In fact I started reading secondary school science textbooks for fun when I was about 5 years old and up. (I'm not kidding...) But now, with my work, it's not easy. But making it a habit to read good blog posts by pastors and children's ministers is a key priority. "He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm." Both for work and for ministry. Keep on learning.

3. Pray even more earnestly.
4. Study the Word.
These two are very obvious, so I shan't explain more.

5. Team up with like-minded people who have the same passion for God.
It need not only be ppl who are passionate for children's ministry. Rather, it's to be with people who have passion for God in their respective callings. That's the key thing - it helps broaden my perspective of what God is doing in the church... not only in my own ministry, but in the whole church in general. And I think I should find a way to connect more with other bros and sisters in other ministries.

During the Easter preparation, I saw the children's pastor of New Creation Church coming over to welcome and chat with us. I was very touched by her heart. And actually, the syllabus that we use for HopeKinders is based on City Harvest's syllabus. Very exciting to see how the churches in Singapore can team together to extend the Kingdom of God. Open-source FTW!

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