Sunday, March 28, 2010


Last Friday, I finally discussed with Huaqiang about me moving over to HopeKids CG. He's supportive of it and confirmed that this move will extend the Kingdom of God more. Thank God for him. He told me, "Just let me know when you're ready to move over. Don't need to wait until the CG splits up." Told him I will pray about it. =)

Told Peter today about my exchange with Huaqiang. And he said, "Time flies." And we were reminsiscing about our friendship over the past 5 years, when we first began by quarrelling. And now we are dear friends and brothers. Gosh. And the journey of discipleship. And now, the time is coming very near. I can sense it's time for me to take off the flight deck of Carrier Task Force NG4B1. :D

Can see how God has been preparing and equipping me for the past 3 years. And now, God used me to bless people in the marketplace and disciple people in ministry. So thankful to God for the preciousness and privilege of being chosen. But the journey has only just begun. Told Peter, "My life's work has only just begun." =) Nearing the Big Three. And Jesus was thirty when He began His ministry.


Woah... when I made the decision to let go just now, I saw Hong Teck's latest blog post today. Sense the urgency of the mission at hand. Wow. Thank God for this timely confirmation.

And ... just now a dear bro studying in Australia suddenly contacted me out of the blue on MSN. We chatted, and there are some things in our conversation... some things that were extremely relevant for him... and I saw how what I had been through the past 3 years were being experienced by him too. He has his own struggles, very similar to mine... but thank God he still has kept his faith in Jesus, even though his heart is sad.

I think I see that God is showing me that all these circumstances are the perfect confluence of everything... that some powerful things will happen when I let go of what I hold dear, and surrender them to the Lord.

It's really time to let go, and time to fly off. Praise the Lord indeed.

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