Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Nano-Book Review: The Great Generational Transition

Here again in City Hall Starbucks. =) Yeah, I love this place. Anyway, I'm reading this borrowrd book by Darlene Zschech: "the great generational transition: practical insights for every leader" (thanks Spencer!)

Heard that Shirley Melinda also recommends it enthusiastically. And now i can see why. =)

Great insights! Only issue is that the book really reads like a blog. no kidding. !!! and !! and CAPITAL LETTERS abound!! Needs tighter editing... but well, the insights are great. =D wisdom, in watever form...

(yeah, i said nano 'cos mini is well, short, micro... is so '80s. nano... well, it's still not too mouldy. LOL)

Hope can share more insights from this book next time!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I living in México, I want a one copy of this book, you know where I can buy a copy in America?

yeu@nn said...

¡Hola, amigo! It's so cool to meet someone from Mexico!

I think you could try this:

God bless! :)