Saturday, March 20, 2010

Had a SMASHING time at Ripple Conference 2010! Great preconf, greater conf, and... LOL thank God for my dear team who made the skit a side-splitting success! :D

Haha... and hee, thank God too tt He graciously allowed me to come back in time to hear my own testimony being read out by Hong Teck. He read it so well that I felt very touched by the testimony, even tho it's my own testimony. FTW!

But on second thot, it was never my testimony to begin with. It was simply a testimony of what the Lord has done for me. :D

It was a strangely surrealistic feeling, as people after people went up to me to affirm me for writing the skit and the testimony. It did feel good, haha, and I felt so happy. But I think happy bcos I felt appreciated and also really can bless God through these things. So kept pointing to heaven and giving glory to God.

I had the delight of making a new friend in bro George from Hope Kuching. He's a father, and he's a really nice brother! :D Yeah, feeling his fatherly affirmation was very heartwarming. Haha. He asked me qns abt the creative team, how often we do dramas and skits, etc... and then he asked me whether I had prior experience in doing scriptwriting. Said no, and he smiled, and said that God has given me a great gifting in doing this. So I guess I blushed and said thank God.

But yah, he reminded me that we are to use our talents to glorify God and also extend His kingdom! So yes! I mustn't be ashamed to use this God-given talent to the maxxx! To enjoy God and to glorify Him forever! Can really feel His pleasure upon me when I write. So happy actually. :D Haha...

Yah. Want to bless Daddy's heart. Bring glory to him! AMEN!

I guess also listening to my own testimony was very touching, because I had integrated into my testimony Bible verses that are very close to my heart, and also some psalms, hymns and spiritual song lyrics that I used as prayers. I guess it felt v real, and I think touching, because it shows that these Bible passages are not like some artificial references that you tack on at the last minute, like when you're doing ur dissertation / thesis and you need a reference to support ur point.

But yeah, the freedom that comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit, that His Word becomes a seamless integrated part of you, and who you are. That His Word is naturally part of your thoughts... no, I'm not there. I think about His Word naturally for, say a couple of minutes... and for the rest of the day, have my own thinking. But really want to let His Word dwell in me richly. =)

Godly wisdom and biblical wisdom. Hooray!

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