Monday, March 22, 2010

Email to my fellow CG DMMmates:

Hi dear all,

As you know by now, Ps Jeff's sis, Trina, has passed away at about
5.15 pm today. He tweeted abt it - I think it happened quite fast.

If possible, try to go down during working hours, when there'll be
fewer ppl around.
We can get to speak with Ps Jeff personally (and
just be there for him if nothing else) then. Handmade cards wld be a
beautiful idea too I think. =)

- Tues: Wake at Singapore Casket (click here to see map)
For those who want to come, we can meet at 8 pm at Lavender MRT.

- Wed: Service
I plan to go with one of the bros n his CG at 730 pm at Lavender MRT.

- Thurs: Cremation.

Last week we rejoiced with Huaqiang and Sarah; this week we mourn with
Ps Jeff. This is the family of God truly indeed... "Rejoice with those
who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn." Romans 12:15

Let's be there to rally to support our beloved pastor.

Love n God bless,
Yeu Ann

Leslie, Andrew, Spencer, Sharon, Jeannie, Ellson and Huanyan all should be coming down either Tues or Wed... I'll try to pop by during lunch hours tml.

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