Thursday, February 25, 2010

Show and Tell In The Workplace

Haven't really blogged about my workplace, and what it's like. But honestly, it's really a very nice place, because of the people there. My boss is very nice, and quite philosophical in a way. She even met the Dalai Lama to do a personal interview with him! So cool, right? :)

Anyway, we just found out that one of our colleagues has received a new job offer. But our dear colleague was actually quite sad, even though she got her new job. In fact, she was getting teary-eyed when telling the news to our boss, because she knows that she will miss us all. So our boss assured her that it's ok, life's a journey. In fact you should be happy that you get to explore new fields. And our colleague said that she really wished in a way that she didn't have to move on. But my boss replied that she's really glad that my colleague can move on to better fields... my boss sees her company as a field for whoever comes under her care as a place for them to learn new things, be equipped and move on.

Inspired by my boss. Because she sees a higher calling to her work than just profitability. She sees it as a people-development field. :) She even lent me a book about discovering and developing your passions.

So I thought about it. Whether it's ministry or marketplace, ultimately, how do we see our work? As duties, as obligations? Or as opportunities... not only opportunities to tell the good news to others, but also to help others discover and develop their talents, for example? So that people can see that Christians are walking harbingers not of doom, but of bloom, by infusing the aroma of Christ in the workplace? :) And also in ministry, as team leaders, do our ministries focus only on getting tasks done, or are they done with a higher vision in mind - to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up? To help train and develop them in Christlikeness, so that they may desire to bring glory to God and be able to do so?

We're all walking movie trailers of the Greatest Story Ever Told. Will people want to know more about the Greatest Story after watching us? Oooh. Awesome calling... God, help me live up to what You want for my life!

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