Sunday, February 28, 2010

Overslept for HopeKids again. -_-'''.Feel disappointed with myself. So many things. Looking forwards to the Ripple Conference, 'cos there'll be new changes. God knows I am not doing enough. That I can do far more than I am doing right now. *shakes head*

Was talking with Peter about my plans after completing my internship. Hmm. Again it feels like I'm sailing further away from the comforts of land, and deeper into the unknown ocean. "Alone! alone! all, all, alone, alone in a wide-open sea!" quoth Coleridge's Ancyent Mariner. And I feel like him too. Thank God for Peter's encouragements.

Yes, I have plans and visions. Just not sharing them yet. One step at a time.

Inadequacy in character, inadequacy in attitude, inadequacy in skill, inadequacy in knowledge... dear Lord, what in Your name am I doing here, actually? I just feel awed and so tiny at the vastness of life before me. And I know I'm nothing, less than nothing. But well, little me, BIG YOU. :)

Where You call me to go, I'll go
And where You call me to stay, I'll say
You will be my God
And I will be your son
May nothing, not even life or death, ever separate me from following You
To the ends of the earth - and beyond. Amen.

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