Saturday, February 6, 2010

Come, Passion

Hmm. I woke up late today. Actually... I would have woken up earlier, but just feeling a bit listless. I've been thinking about this: where's the passion to get me out of bed every morning?

I think I heard this quote before: If your life has passion, you should be able to jump out of your bed every morning! Well, I'm not exactly jumping out of bed these few weeks... Rolling off and crawling is more like it.

I must confess, even spiritually-wise, I find it hard to sit down and read my Bible, to talk with God. I think I greet God the same way as I do my dad - grumble with half-shut eyes.

Hmm. Grumbling. Not good at all. I mean, God has done so many good things for me. Things that troubled me... God has given and has taken care of.

What, then, does my heart truly look for?

Maybe I guess one reason might be I've been doing too much work already?

No? Maybe it's lack of self-discipline that affects the way I see work?

Or this "quarter-life crisis"? (I don't think so...)

It's strange. I know my life has meaning. I know that God has given me a calling. I know that I have eternal life, because of what He did for me.

So why am I still feeling tired and nuah?

Yeu Ann, what is your heart looking for today, really?

Jesus I am thirsty
Won't You come and fill me
Earthly things have left me dry
Only You can satisfy
All I want is more of You

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