Thursday, December 9, 2010

So thankful to God that He never fails to provide. I set out to do this e-book to not only make a living, but also tell the message of Christmas to children too. Not only that, also as a way to help our more artistically-talented brothers and sisters have an opportunity to commercialize and see their illustrations get published in children's books. Had teamed up with a dear brother to do the illustrations, but the bro is very, very busy, so he can't make it after all.

Initially I was prepared to go it alone - I mean I can draw kind of decently (a bit higher standard than stick figures lah). But while doing it, had this idea to ask Justin if he's interested. However Justin wasn't able to do it, because of the tight time constraints. So he suggested someone else to me instead. So later today, I'll be meeting this friend to discuss the illustrations. Thank God for this friend's willingness to do it. I plan to split up the proceeds from the sale of this book 50:50 with this friend. And I've seen this friend's drawings before. VERY NICE. Haha. Exquisite is a better way to describe the drawings.

Ha. Anyway, thankful to God for how He never fails to provide. :))) He is so faithful! And you know what? Originally, I was planning to program the e-book by hand, because the existing visual editors didn't have the capability nor the features I needed... but when I came back from the missions trip, the editor that I want to use had an updated version that has what I need! Praise the Lord indeed. :DDD God's timing is perfect. =D

(Interesting. I tend to write about feelings and thoughts... but very rarely write about what I've been doing. But rest assured I've been busy doing interesting things. Haha. E.g. OMF prayer meeting on Tuesday, missions trip recently, and writing stuff.)

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