Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bless Pass All

We're performing a full-length Christmas drama for HopeKids this year, with songs and music. Well, dancing would be nice too, but I guess the actors aren't ready to do a Bollywood-style Christmas like this:

But we're adapting this beautiful old song (gosh, I was in primary 6 when this movie came out...):


Anyway I was thinking about kindness today. How important it should be as one of our character virtues. Yet our culture doesn't really regard kindness as something really core. Generally we feel paiseh about being kind to others... yet we don't bat an eyelid when we tell others to 'siam' or spew vulgarities or scold others. Perhaps this culture has infiltrated us, even the church, so deeply that to be kind is automatically considered extraordinary - even for the children of God.

But shouldn't kindness be something that is considered natural in the Christian? If we are indeed born again, shouldn't we be kind to one another?

Not politeness. But kindness.

When was the last time I actually blessed someone deeply in my caregroup? Church? Being willing to go all the way down to bless a brother or sister? Or do I just see them as another social circle? Kindness.

I guess I've been hurt before in my attempts to be kind. Then the problem lies with the other person. But how about me? Have I been kind to others who want to be kind to me? It may seem ironic, but often we can be unkind to those who want to be kind to us. We bite the hand that feeds us.

How about the workplace? I know it seems alien and strange to go around blessing others, especially if your workplace is very competitive. And to be seen doing nice things, kind things, generous things in that workplace... you'd stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe people would knowingly take advantage of you (and you yourself know it too).

But we the children of God ARE aliens and strangers in this world. Why should we protect ourselves so much? If Jesus went to the cross for sinners, what does that mean for us then? Protect our values, yes... protect one another, yes... but my comfort zones? Screw them.

Another thought. How much effort do I, as a leader, actually put into cultivating compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience? Maybe the leaders of the world go for other things like charisma, power, intelligence, competence, vision and so on. But we? We preach Christ crucified. How readily can others testify that I am a compassionate, kind, humble, gentle and patient person?

So convicting. To bless pass all this Christmas. Dear Lord, please help me grow in kindness. Please help me grow more in this area... and let this growth be my birthday present to You this year. in Jesus' name, Amen! :)

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